Zimbabwe offers a “true” safari holiday experience

ElephantChoosing Zimbabwe as a vacation destination could be a good idea, as one writer has described her own trip there as a "true African safari experience".

Ann Griffith of Coloradoan.com spent four nights in Hwange National Park as part of her safari holiday and admitted that watching the plethora of animals – ranging from giraffes and elands to hippos and elephants – take care of their young, eat, play and hunt was "one of the most thrilling experiences of my life".

She went on to recommend taking an African safari holiday in Zimbabwe – or indeed, any part of the continent – as this is one trip that will "awaken all of your senses".

Ms Griffith also gave special mention to the native African people, who she observed displayed "genuine kindness", although the beauty of the land and the wild creatures made deep impressions on her as well.

People planning safari holidays might like to book their breaks for October, as Nick Boulos of Metro World News recently noted that fewer tourists arrive in the area at this time.