Zanzibar could be an ideal post-safari holiday destination

People who are looking for somewhere to go just after their wildlife excursion might like to try Zanzibar.

According to Glenys Roberts, writing for the Daily Mail, most people go to the city shortly after a safari holiday so that they can relax before the flight home.

She added: "The pace of life has hardly changed in 100 years, which makes it a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday."

Ms Roberts also noted that the food in the Tanzanian region is "as eclectic as the music" and she was serenaded by the sounds of a violin while enjoying a meal of hummus and curry.

The tunes of jazz, Indian and Arab rhythms can all be heard in the city, she continued, pointing out that this tells everything about its multicultural history.

And those who are keen on going on a Tanzania safari first may be encouraged by the comments of Wale Olapade, writing a piece for the Nigerian Tribune, who observed that it is the finest place in Africa for such an excursion.