Zambia safari holidays are ‘more intimate’

Those looking to go on intimate wildlife excursions might like to check out Zambia as the country offers just that, according to one industry expert.

Yvette Cardozo, writing for the Miami Herald, declared the nation is the place to go after seeing the wildebeest migration on safari holidays at the Masai Mara in Kenya.

She described visiting the 3,500-square- mile South Luangwa National Park in central Zambia and seeing an array of animals.

Ms Cardozo added: "This place really is a Garden of Eden – elephants, baboons, giraffes, birds of all kinds … reportedly more rhinos than anywhere else in southern Africa. I lost count at 100."

What's more, she stated when people are on foot during a walking safari the animals let them closer than when they are in a vehicle.

These comments come after Conor Pope, writing for the Irish Times, also recommended going to Zambia for a safari before heading to the country's iconic landmark Victoria Falls.