Zambia offers ‘unique safari holidays’

People who are looking to go on a wildlife excursion with a difference might like to check out Zambia.

According to Chilala Habasimbi, first secretary tourism at the Zambia High Commission, safari holidays in the country are unique compared to other nations in Africa.

She said: "If you go to our national parks, you get that intimate relationship with the wildlife and no-one obstructing you when you are looking."

And Ms Habasimbi pointed out that this is no accident as the government has deliberately employed this measure in order to limit the number of places where people can stay in the national parks.

Improvements are being made to the roads to ensure they are accessible all year long, but the government plans to keep the areas in their natural state.

Other regions in the continent that might be worth checking out for a safari include Tanzania, where Karen Schroeder, writing for AZ Central, saw "incredible wildlife" during a four-day stay.