Zambia offers 'magical walking safari holidays'

Those unsure about which country to spend a wildlife excursion in might like to take heed of advice from one writer.

According to Belinda Archer, writing for City AM, Zambia offers magical walking safari holidays and intimate lodges.

People who want to go on an intimate type of trip may favour this sort as she observed seeing a leopard but no other tourists on one safari drive, adding "there is just us, alone, with this breathtakingly beautiful creature".

Ms Archer stated: "It [Zambia] has a raw, uncommercialised charm about it, its infrastructure less advanced and the camps and lodges smaller and more intimate."

What's more, she spotted hippos and a "majestic" female leopard while out and about on a safari.

Last month, Chilala Habasimbi, first secretary tourism at the Zambia High Commission, recommended people go on a one-week or ten-day wildlife excursion to the nation, calling that the ideal amount of time for such a holiday.