‘Work out what animals you want to see’ before safari holidays

Before people venture on an expedition to Africa they should work out which animals they want to see.

This is according to Cathy O'Clery, writing for the Irish Times, who noted that luck plays its part in viewing game so individuals should be prepared not to see everything they set out to on safari holidays.

The majority of people want to see the so-called Big Five – rhinos, leopards, elephants, lions and buffalos.

But she added: "The terrain in South Africa is so diverse with a variety of ecosystems that some areas are better for certain animals than others."

However, size is not always everything, as the wildlife can be fairly dispersed in the bigger parks, but smaller versions with many ecosystems could ensure a better chance of viewing the animals.

Moreover, Wendy Gomersal, writing for the Daily Mail, noted earlier this month that the Big Five were all present when she visited the Sanbona reserve in South Africa.