Wine tasting event to tempt those on South Africa holidays?

Travellers who are heading to Pretoria in the coming weeks may be interested in an upcoming wine tasting event.

Those on South Africa holidays could be keen to head to the creATE restaurant in the capital city on December 24th for a night of drinking like no other.

Situated in the boutique hotel Alpine Attitude – which was voted best hotel in Pretoria in 2010 – individuals who attend will get the opportunity to sample some top quality drink.

Tourists who are spending Christmas in the region could do worse than head to the event, which will also offer an education class to help people improve their appreciation of alcohol.

The produce is being supplied by Creation Wines and the selection has been transported up from a vineyard in Hermanus, Cape Town.

According to Sean Tipton, spokesman for ABTA – The Travel Association, South Africa is going to be a popular destination in 2012.