Will Kenya holidays appeal to the ‘adventurous’ over-50s?

Safari holidays may become even more popular with people in their 50s as a sense of adventure grips the older generation.

Lonely Planet claims that far from wanting to take things easy, the over-50s are looking for some excitement from their holidays.

Tom Hall, editor of lonelyplanet.com, thinks this could be down to a generational factor, as the "enthusiastic" young travellers of 20 years ago are now coming up to retirement with a lot more disposable income and time on their hands.

"You only have to go to some of the world's more adventurous destinations in order to find that quite often older travellers will either be in a growing minority or a majority," he added.

Older travellers, explained Mr Hall, are very often "passionate" about where they go and have a "long list" of places yet to see.

Kenya safari holidays are often among people's lists of things to do, as they offer a unique experience and a chance to see some of the rarest animals species in Africa.