Wildebeest migration on safari holidays ‘is like a glimpse back in time’

Witnessing a wildebeest migration on a wildlife excursion in the Serengeti is like going back in time to when nature ruled the earth, according to one writer.

A piece for the Independent Online pointed out those who have been lucky enough to see such an event on safari holidays have been "awestruck".

Tens of thousands of the beasts, plus other game animals, make their move in search of fresh grass to eat.

But a lot of the creatures do not make it, as the publication stated: "Predators like lions and leopard, as well as hyena, know this is their yearly feast. And the deep rivers claim many more."

Last month, a piece in the Sabotage Times recommended people should check out another Tanzanian destination – the Ngorongoro Crater, noting it is one of the top five places to visit for those going on a safari, plus there are around 30,000 animals in the region.