Why not search for the ‘little five’ on safari holidays?

Those considering a wildlife excursion may like to look out for the so-called little five, as well as the big five.

This has been suggested by Kylie Piper, writing for Australia Geographic, who pointed out she searched for these creatures – the buffalo weaver, elephant shrew, leopard tortoise, antlion and the rhino beetle – when on safari holidays in South Africa.

She noted the scenery of Soutpansberg – the northernmost mountain range in the Rainbow Nation – is "stunning" and would not look out of place in the Blue Mountains in Australia.

What's more, Ms Piper spotted a series of antlion mounds and a dung beetle, which she described as "a diligent little worker, forever rolling his treasure homeward bound – only stopping to check his direction".

In addition to this, Robin Robinson, writing for the Toronto Sun, pointed out he would head to the country to check out the so-called Big Five – leopards, African elephants, hippos and Cape buffalo.