Why not go on safari holidays in Tanzania for half-term?

Teachers or those with children considering where to go for February half-term this year might like to take in a wildlife excursion.

According to the Guardian, Tanzania could be one place to check out on seven-day safari holidays, which could include camping "on the remote plains of the Serengeti".

The publication added it would be "perfect for kids over eight who aren't scared of sharp teeth and big tusks", plus it pointed out the average temperature is 29 degrees C throughout February.

One destination to visit on such a trip might be the Selous Game Reserve, which has been recommended by Harriet O'Brien, writing a piece for the Independent, who described the area as having "fabulous" and "stunning wildlife".

What's more, those keen to spot an array of animals such as warthogs, impalas and rhinos might be in luck as Ms O'Brien recalled seeing these beasts throughout her travels in the African national park.