Why not go on safari holidays in Botswana’s summer?

Those who are keen to catch a tan as well as spot some wild animals might like to go on a Botswana safari between November and March.

Liz Vercoe, writing for the Telegraph, has pointed out this time of the year is summer in the African country and it could be particularly appealing to bird watchers.

And she described spotting a number of feathered creatures, adding: "There was such an abundance of Egyptian geese, saddle-billed and Marabou storks, brilliant woodland kingfishers, turquoise starlings, sea eagles and white-backed vultures."

Ms Vercoe stated Botswana has an array of game that is "relatively undisturbed", which could be ideal for those keen to see as many beasts as possible on safari holidays.

But those who enjoy much more "temperate" weather conditions might like to visit the country for a wildlife excursion between May and October, according to Mutaba, writing in a piece for the San Diego Reader.