Why not go on a Kenya safari and laze on the beach afterwards?

People planning a trip abroad might like to do something cultured, as well as indulge in a beach holiday.

Well, if one writer is correct then going on a Kenya safari can also be combined with lying on the sand and lapping up the sound of the Indian Ocean.

In a piece for the News of the World, Kay Cox noted that one preoccupation in the country is trying to spot the so-called Big Five animals – elephant, rhino, water buffalo, leopard and lion.

She advised people to do a tour with an operator, just to be on the safe side, while going to Mzima springs was also recommended as visitors will be able to see hippos gliding past from the underwater observatory.

These comments come after Kira Stann, writing for Helium, noted that there are plenty of opportunities for those thinking of going on a safari in the country.