Why not download a Swahili phrasebook before going on safari holidays?

Individuals who are preparing to go on a wildlife excursion might like to consider downloading a Swahili phrasebook for their Apple iPad, as one writer did.

Anouk Zijlma, writing for About.com, pointed out she downloaded guides for her safari holidays before embarking on them, which saved her from lugging around an array of different books.

She recommended a number of top apps for going on such a trip, such as Skype, which can allow people to make calls from their device to landlines or mobile phones in a different country via an internet connection.

And people who call from Skype-to-Skype will pay nothing for the privilege.

Ms Zijlma added: "If you don't have the right phone, you can use Skype credit and get the same cheap and/or free rates."

What's more, those looking for a more intimate safari experience might like to visit Zambia as Yvette Cardozo, writing for the Miami Herald, stated the African country offers exactly that.