Where to get off the beaten track on safari holidays

ZebraHaving a unique and unforgettable experience while on holiday is, undoubtedly, what the majority of travellers are searching for when they board a plane headed for distant climes.

And those planning safari holidays in the near future may find exactly what they are looking for by following afrol News’ recommendations of the less well-known places to go in Africa.

These include Sao Tome Island, which boasts a volcanic rainforest, "excellent" beaches, numerous farms and an intriguing mixture of African, Creole and Portuguese culture, hospitality and architecture.

Another area that may be of interest to anyone on a safari holiday is Rhumsiki in northern Cameroon, which the news source noted is "one of the world’s most spectacular trekking landscapes", inhabited by the Kapsiki people – "[guardians] of one of the most genuinely African cultures still found".

Kanyemba Island, located in the heart of the Zambezi River, was also recently suggested as a destination by Sharon Van Wyk of the Mail & Guardian, who stated that it is a prime location for a spot of fishing.