What to expect when arriving at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

What to expect when arriving at the Victoria & Alfred WaterfrontA fully-functioning harbour, a dining precinct and a leisure hotspot all rolled into one, it is no wonder that Cape Town’s Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is among the city’s best loved tourist attractions.

Situated beneath the simply unmistakable Table Mountain to boot, the V&A Waterfront also boasts spectacular surround views, with the breeze coming off the cool southern Atlantic to one side and the rolling highlands of Devil’s Peak to the other.

It is probably more appropriate to think of the V&A Waterfront as an entire experience more than a mere attraction alone upon personalised holidays to South Africa.

But what can travellers expect when they arrive in this bustling cultural hub?

Well; let’s start with the origins of the precinct itself. Tourists lest not forget that despite its contemporary cosmopolitan ambience, the waterfront still functions as a harbour.

And it was here, way back in 1654 that Jan van Riebeeck of the Dutch East India Company first established the Waterfront as a small-scale jetty that was prioritised to refresh sailors at one of Africa’s most southernmost points.

He would barely recognise his very own foundations today!

Skim through reams of tourist reviews and you’ll be hard pressed to find many comments that infer a negative experience spent here.

After all; it is this portal through which boat tours to the eye-opening Robben Island set sail, here where invigorating helicopter rides over the Western Cape take place and here where in excess of 450 retail outlets tantalisingly make an appeal for your spending money.

Given this allure, it isn’t surprising that the V&A Waterfront is a thriving, bustling hub all year round but this shouldn’t distort travellers’ intentions in visiting.

The V&A Waterfront is the perfect place to people watch and observe the world go by. If the sound of the boats in the harbour doesn’t get you going, the live music offerings at the on-site amphitheatre certainly will.

Sample traditional African music for free or engage in an interactive workshop. You’ll find that South Africa is awash with several smiling faces, embodying incredible friendliness and a welcoming nature for overseas arrivals.

But all of this exploring will certainly work up an appetite. Fear not; there are over 80 eateries on-site, serving up both traditionally African and international fare.

There is simply no way that travellers can visit Cape Town without making the trip to the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront.