Wearing light coloured clothing ‘on safari holidays’

People looking to take in a safari might like to take heed of advice from one writer.

In a piece for Gadling, Annie Scott recommended travellers should avoid donning their dark garments when they are out on a wildlife excursion.

She pointed out that it is not for the benefit of spotting more beasts as the majority of animals see movements more easily than they do shapes.

But Ms Scott added wearing darker shades on safari holidays will attract tsetse flies and they bite "a lot".

What's more, she said it is best to go out early on a game drive, stating: "The animals come out for breakfast and a drink of water before it gets hot."

Further safari advice came from Michelle Li, writing for Seek4Media, who noted these types of getaways do not necessarily have to cost a fortune, while the price varies depending on which reserve people opt for.