Watch a camel race on Kenya holidays

Racing enthusiasts looking to get their fix while travelling this summer could do so by watching the Maralal Camel Derby in Kenya.

People going on safari holidays this August could take the time to travel to the northern region of the country and see the annual spectacle. The area is home to many of the single-humped dromedary breed – which are different to the two-humped Bactrian – and some of the best are on display at the event.

The festivities take place over three days and there are a variety of participants in the big race, from professionals to those who are riding the animals for the first time.

It could prove to be an exciting treat for those wanting an excursion and the town of Maralal is around 350 km away from Nairobi. Visitors could stay in the nearby Safari Lodge or choose to camp overnight and mix with the locals.