Walking safari holidays ‘can add an extra shot of adrenaline to a trip’

Those looking to inject some adrenaline into their wildlife excursion might like to opt for a walking version.

Instead of being in the safe confines of an open-top jeep, Christina Pfeiffer, writing for News.com.au, stated going on walking safari holidays was like adding "an extra shot of adrenalin to the experience".

She recalled going to the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, where "elephants rule" and there "hippos are everywhere".

Ms Pfeiffer added: "We see rafts of hippos in the water during the day and a few individuals running nimbly across the plains like ballerinas at night."

These comments come after Yvette Cardozo, writing for the Miami Herald, pointed out going on a safari in Zambia can be an intimate wildlife experience.

She described the South Luangwa National Park as being like a Garden of Eden with an array of animals from baboons, giraffes and birds of all kinds to take in.