Walk with lion cubs in Victoria Falls

When you hear the word Africa, images of the savannah and prides of lions and herds of masterful elephants plodding through the plains may come to mind. With a personalised Zimbabwe holiday, all these incredible visions become a reality. There’s nothing that can prepare you for wildlife encounters in the wild. No amount of photographs or trips to the zoo could ever prepare you for the experience you’ll enjoy if you book a lion walk in stunning Victoria Falls.


Walking with lion cubs in Victoria Falls

If the incredible backdrop of the thundering waters of Victoria Falls isn’t sufficient to blow your mind, the opportunity to walk with lion cubs will ensure that this is a trip you never forget. Lions are majestic, aloof creatures, which are feared by most other species. You may assume that it’s impossible to get up close and personal with a lion, but you’d be wrong. Led by experienced guides, a lion encounter enables you to join playful cubs on their daily walk into the bush. The cubs are accustomed to human company, and they make the trip into the bush on a daily basis regardless of whether there is a tour booked or not. The trips are part of a conservation project, which enable the young lions to get used to their surroundings. The team in charge of the walks devotes a lot of time and energy to conservation work and the bonds they have with the animals are very strong. You won’t be tied to a lion and there are no leads or collars in sight. The cubs see their human counterparts as older members of the pride, and they are happy to plod along without the need for ropes or harnesses.

Going on a lion walk is not just an incredible opportunity to interact with lion cubs and see them in their natural habitat. It’s also a chance to learn more about these breathtakingly beautiful animals and see what goes into keeping them safe and protecting them. You can learn all about the conservation projects, ask questions, and get to know the rangers and guides.


Is a lion walk safe?

You may be surprised that it’s even possible to come into contact with lion cubs in the wild, let alone take a leisurely stroll with them out in the bush. These cubs are born in captivity and they are raised by hand, which means that they are used to human contact. They probably won’t roll over for a tummy tickle like your pet cat would, but they’re friendly, and you shouldn’t feel threatened. Every effort is made to recreate the natural development process for the cubs, so don’t be shocked if you see them scampering after some prey on your trek. These walks are an important part of their growth and they develop and hone their hunting and stalking skills every day.