Walk in a rhino’s footsteps ‘when getting close to it on safari holidays’

Literally walking in a rhino's footsteps is advised when sneaking up on one, a writer has suggested.

In a piece for SF Gate – part of the San Francisco Chronicle – Stephanie Stone stated the beasts have "incredibly sharp" hearing and a person keen to get up close to one, in safe conditions, should place their foot in the animal's tracks.

This advice could be ideal for those on walking safari holidays in South Africa, as she recalled visiting the Phinda Game Reserve.

Ms Stone described spotting a black rhino, which had a massive head and "distinctive profile of horns", in the area that features a number of animals.

She added: "He was lying down in the scrub, so it had been impossible to see him from a distance."

This comes after Maryanne Njeri, writing for the East African, recalled visiting the Madikwe Game Reserve and noted there were black rhinos in the area.