Visit Zakayo on safari holidays

ChimpsPeople considering what to do while on vacation in Africa might like to pay the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre a visit as one of its inhabitants is about to celebrate its 44th birthday this year.

Alpha male Zakayo is the oldest-known captive chimpanzee in the country and a big party is expected to be held in his honour, which those on safari holidays may like to attend if they are in the area.

Apparently, he spends his time patrolling the enclosure to protect his group against trespassers and intruders, as well as teaching the younger members of the troupe how to live and work together.

"In his 44 years Zakayo has experience on his side and as such he does not struggle for food except trying to ensure that all have eaten and that no complaint arises from any of the infants who live with him," it was observed.

Visitors may also like to see new arrival Kiri, a hermaphrodite chimp that was recently rescued from Queen Elizabeth National Park.