Visit Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary on safari holidays

ElephantPeople keen to see some pachyderms while on vacation might like to head to Mombasa’s Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary, found on the south coast.

Here, those on safari holidays will be able to take in more than 200 of the beasts across 60,000 acres of land, although the surrounding countryside itself is as much of an attraction.

Not only are there well-forested hills and bush-land but a number of "dramatic" cliffs to be astounded by can be found as well and travellers are also likely to be met with any number of exotic animals such as mongooses, porcupines, antelope, baboons and warthog.

What’s more, paying a visit to the Manolo river could be enlightening, as here remains of petrified wood can be found, as well as a natural bridge made of rock.

And in terms of education, the park is unlikely to disappoint – jet-setters enjoying Kenya safaris can learn how to turn elephant dung into paper, making products such as picture frames, albums and bookmarkers.