Valley of a Thousand Hills: a Zulu cultural experience

If you’re preparing to embark on a personalised South Africa holiday, you’re probably looking forward to wildlife safaris and city slicking, but don’t forget to leave some time to explore and discover this country’s incredible culture. South Africa has a fascinating history, and it’s well worth taking time to learn more and experience some unique cultural adventures. One highlight worth including in your itinerary is a trip to the Valley of a Thousand Hills. A gem in the crown of KwaZulu-Natal, this is a beautiful place to gain an insight into Zulu culture and its significance in South Africa.


Visiting the Valley of a Thousand Hills

Just half an hour from the golden sands of Durban’s famous beaches and the bright city lights, the Valley of a Thousand Hills is a world away. This tranquil, lush paradise is an idyllic place to unwind, explore, and learn. You can take part in all kinds of activities here, from hiking and wildlife spotting tours to adventure sports. There’s also a handful of cultural villages, which offer you the opportunity to learn about Zulu culture, the role Zulu people have played in the history of South Africa and the importance Zulu culture retains today.

For several generations, Zulu communities have lived in and around the valley, and today, visitors are able to visit cultural hubs, and experience Zulu culture for themselves. There are dance shows, cooking displays, and informative exhibits, as well as stalls selling locally-made crafts and curios. Make for PheZulu Safari Park to explore typical Zulu living quarters and get to know the local guides. If you have any questions, they’ll be happy to answer them.  

During your visit to the Valley of a Thousand Hills, it’s well worth heading to Botha’s Hill. Here, you’ll find an excellent museum named after Caroline Botha, who opened the first guesthouse in the area in 1849.

As well as offering unbeatable, authentic cultural experiences, the Valley of a Thousand Hills is also a fantastic place to try your hand at outdoor sports, such as canoeing and horseback riding, and spot animals in the wild. The PheZulu Safari Park boasts a snake and crocodile park and you can take a short game drive, which will treat you to sightings of giraffe, zebra, wildebeest and impala.


If you’re visiting Durban or you’re planning to travel around The Midlands, take a day or two to visit the Valley of a Thousand Hills. You won’t regret it!