Try umfushwa on safari holidays

Family in airportSampling a country’s traditional dishes and other gastronomic delights is part and parcel of going on a trip to far off climes and people in Zimbabwe at the moment may like to give umfushwa a try.

Those enjoying safari holidays will find that this is a repast of dried vegetables such as bean leaf, okra and pumpkin leaves, IPS reports.

These treats are currently enjoying a bit of a revival, it would seem, with the news source noting people who previously viewed the snack as the fare of uncultured rural folk now consider it to be affordable, convenient and nutritious.

One vendor, Mavis Svinurai – who also sells dried mopani worms – said of this growing trend: "I travel to South Africa regularly and have been totally surprised by the people there asking me to bring them umfushwa."

Her remarks follow those recently made by Ann Griffith of, who described a trip to Zimbabwe as a "true African safari experience".