Traverse the Okavango Delta on safari holidays

SafariJet-setters seeking excitement and adventure while on vacation may find all they are looking for and more in the Okavango Delta.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, heading off on a safari holiday in this region means facing dangers such as being trodden on by a hippo, frightened by a "clumsy elephant" or even being eaten by a lion or two.

Of course, there are other beautiful animals to stumble across, such as the kori bustard and lilac-breasted roller birds, leopard tortoises, elephant shrews, rhino beetles, wildebeests, warthog, vultures and marabous.

And the publication went on to proffer some advice for those intending to take safari holidays – check the qualifications of all guides, particularly those with specialist interests, spread the trip out across a number of camps and find out how many guests will be travelling, as it was noted that the fewer the better.

Those interested in being green while away might also like to head to the Naboisho conservancy in Kenya which, the Independent recently observed, is to be launched this autumn to support local wildlife and the ecosystem.