Trans Nozia to form part of Kenya holidays?

Trans Nzoia is an area of Kenya that offers fantastic forestry and wonderful animals.

The location, which is part of the Rift Valley Province, is not as well known as Nakuru Park and so people going on Kenya holidays who favour quieter surroundings may be tempted to check it out.

Ziporah Mideva, tourism officer at Mt Elgon, told the Daily Nation that tourism has not been exploited to the full in the area.

She added there are not enough five-star hotels for some, which means those who favour a rustic feel to their trip may find it ideal.

Since 2003, the Mt Elgon National Park has been ruled a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco.

Elephant, buffalo, bushbuck and the rare semi-aquatic antelope the Sitatunga can all be viewed.

The news provider recently stated Rustinga Island is a part of Kenya that has extraordinary beauty and so travellers should not miss out on it.