Tourists could see charity rally race on Kenya holidays

People looking to experience excitement on their travels might be tempted by this year's Rhino Charge, which takes place on June 3rd and is organised to raise money for local conservation efforts.

It could be a perfect opportunity to spend a thrilling day out on Kenya holidays while also taking part in a charitable cause. Entrants are required to navigate through roughly 100 sq km of land, reaching as many of 13 points as possible within the shortest distance.

Competitors must raise a certain amount of money to give to the Rhino Ark organisation, which aims to erect and maintain an electrified fence to enclose the Aberdares National Park. The record amount generated from one car was the equivalent of just over £77,000 by Alan McKittrick last year.

This year will mark the 22nd annual race since it began in 1989 and those who are captivated by it may be interested in a UK event taking place on September 11th at Pippingford Park in East Sussex.