Tourists advised to explore Mozambique on Africa holiday

People heading to the southern part of Africa for a holiday may be wise to include Mozambique on their list of places to visit.

Greg Dardagan, writing for IOL, explains there is plenty to explore in the country, with one undoubted highlight being the city of Maputo.

He notes catching a ferry to the suburb of Catembe is a shrewd move by those who wish to liven up their stay with some vibrant nighlight.

Meanwhile, travellers simply intent on tasting great food should visit the Costa do Sol restaurant on the resort's waterfront.

This area is currently being developed and, although in the early stages, Mr Dardagan admits it "looks to have great potential".

And the fun does not end at the city's walls, the writer claims, as there is still plenty to do on short excursions, such as a trip to the Portugese islands.

Yvette Cardozo, writing for the Miami Herald, recently lavished praise on Zambia, describing the country as an intimate and beautiful destination.