Top Three Countries in Africa for a Self Drive Holiday

Africa is a vibrant and astoundingly beautiful continent, which offers a diverse range of holidays and a unique blend of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Self drive trips are perfect for seeing the sights at your own pace and there are some truly spectacular sights to see on the continent. Here are three of the top countries in Africa to tour on four wheels!

South Africa

South Africa has an excellent road network and is home to one of the world’s most iconic road trips. The roads are generally in good condition and tourist sights and attractions are clearly marked. The world famous Garden Route offers great driving along 300km of scenic coastline, perfect for your first self drive adventure. This glorious route takes you through glades, vineyards and the coast whilst offering stunning views of rugged cliffs, rolling waves and even the odd pod of whales. It is a well-trodden road, and an easy way to get from from Montagu to Port Elizabeth.
Garden Route in South Africa

Wildlife encounters are one of the many reasons for travelling to Africa, and spotting the‘big five’ is a must for any visitor. A self drive safari tour in Kruger National Park is the ideal way of combining the two. At Kruger there are designated self drive routes and places where you can access the park in a private or hired vehicle. Guides use technology and tracking devices to provide visitors with the best wildlife spotting opportunities, so keep an eye out for where the 4WD jeeps are heading off to!

Journey time to the Kruger National Park dramatically slashed


Namibia is one of the most intriguing countries on earth; its diverse and fascinating landscapes provide unrivalled adventures for those wishing to book a self-drive holiday. It has everything for a perfect self drive holiday, from good roads to epic wildlife and is best travelled by vehicle. The country has a great road network in place, the roads on the whole are quiet and there is an excellent variety of lodges and campsites for your overnight stops. The distances can be huge so a well planned itinerary is a must.

Exploring the south of the country is an excellent place to start. Begin surrounded by scorching sands in the Kalahari Desert before making your way to Fish River Canyon. Fish River Canyon is the second most popular tourist attraction in Namibia and the second largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon in the USA. The enormous ravine, which stretches 160km, is up to 550 metres deep in places and a truly spectacular sight. Continue on to the historic town of Lüderitz with its views over a majestic harbour. Explore at a gentle pace and even stay the night before heading north for Sossusvlei to find burning red dunes, eerie ancient trees and pristine salt pans. Namibia offers the independent traveller a very unique holiday; it is a remote place, a little off the beaten track and you may find that you barely encounter any other travellers at all! Bliss!

Mountain Landscape at Dusk, Namibia


Botswana is emerging as a leading self drive safari holiday destination and it offers a fantastic option for travellers who wish to enjoy the safari experience without the crowds.

This is a simply stunning country. Its deserts, pans and deltas are some of the last great, untouched wildernesses in Africa and are home to a wonderful array of game. Self drive Botswana safaris offer so much to see; you could head off to see Botswana’s excellent National Parks, drive into the incredible Central Kalahari Desert or explore the riches of the Okavango Delta, a thriving inland delta, this is the place to catch a glimpse of prides of lions, elephants and rhinos on dry land and hippos and crocodiles enjoying a cool dip in the water. You can follow set paths to discover the delta, but it’s well worth parking up and taking a canoe ride, too. As you glide through the water, you’ll be able to enjoy a different perspective, and see an array of wildlife you didn’t spot on your drive.

The ‘holiday of a lifetime’ in Botswana for Corrie star