Top four things to do in Mauritius

Top four things to do in MauritiusLying off the east coast of Africa resides Mauritius, a tiny island awash by the waters of the surrounding Indian Ocean making for an entirely unique experience on your African adventure.

Familiar with sun kissed paradises depicted on postcards? Mauritius represents every escapist’s dream retreat with turquoise waters and white sandy beaches placed against a plethora of jungle greenery that sets this location apart most others the world over.

Mauritius holidays don’t just end at the beach however. That is just the start of a journey that also comprises coral reef exploration, botanical garden walkabouts, inland cultural day trips and feeling the sea breeze in your hair on epic sailing escapades. Here are four must do’s to create ever-lasting Mauritius memories!

Grand Bassin

Located in the Savanne region of Mauritius lies Grand Bassin; a sacred, holy lake in the most unlikely of locations. Remarkably situated around 1800 ft above sea level in a mountain range crater, Grand Bassin is one for those culture vultures out there. Representing the most sacred place on the whole island, the attraction houses a 108 ft tall statue of Hindu god Lord Shiva, while the lake supposedly contains what is believed to be holy waters of the hallowed Ganges River in India.

Grand Baie

Most travellers may want to break up their sightseeing on holidays to Mauritius with a spot of retail therapy or nightlife and to fulfil such enviable cravings, visit the thriving Grand Baie region located north of the capital Port Louis. While this region is likely to prove busy due to the sheer popularity of the place, view this positively as you can people watch, get up close to Mauritius at street level and pursue many water sports and sailing activities that operate out of the area.

Moka Mountains

Is there any feeling more exhilarating than scaling a large summit then looking out proudly at an outstanding view where you can see for miles around? You can capture this exact moment by touring the Moka Mountains located a short distance out of Port Louis. By foot, 4×4 or horse, trek it your way!

Pomponnette Beach

This beach represents the place where you can close your eyes and listen to the careful lapping of the waves on the shoreline. This quiet, peaceful retreat isn’t privatised like some beach hideaways on the island but is often overlooked unfairly – making for a secluded environment where relaxation is the number one priority!