Top five things to do in Dar es Salaam

daressalaamDar es Salaam may not be the capital city of Tanzania but the hub represents the largest metropolis in the east African nation. The regions name which instantly strikes up an heir of Arabic influence indeed adds a multinational flair to what is on offer on eye opening holidays to Tanzania.

The city’s name translates as ‘Haven of Peace’ in Arabic and was founded by sultans in the 19th century with her origins as a modest fishing village now unrecognisable with the city expanding to contemporarily house more than two million residents.

The multinational essence is summed up perfectly by the fact that African, Arabic and Indian cultures collide in the coastal metropolis which includes an idyllic harbour, which plenty of historical importance has been placed upon given Dar es Salaam’s location on the Indian Ocean.

Modern day Dar es Salaam is an interesting city to simply walk around and discover attractions for yourself but here are five must visit hotspots to prioritise on your Tanzania holidays.

Tanzania Village Museum

What better way to get closer to the history and heritage of Tanzania than by visiting the Tanzania Village Museum?

The reconstructed settlement depicts traditional African life through life size models and dwellings forged from the people of the East African nation itself and make sure to plan your visit for a weekend as this is when tribal dances are performed amidst the intriguing setting, making for a memorable experience that provides numerous photographic and video opportunities

The Slipway

A rather English sounding attraction will indeed appeal to Westernised folk with The Slipway representing Dar es Salaam’s trendy leisure, retail and dining precinct that is located amidst the luxurious surroundings of the city’s Msasani Peninsula.

The Slipway is located right on the Indian Ocean coast meaning you can taste fine wine, purchase some memorable souvenirs and so on, amidst a picturesque backdrop of the sea and resulting ocean breeze making for a pleasurable day out.

Bongoyo Island

Not actually part of Dar es Salaam itself but locatable just a short ferry ride away from the aforementioned Slipway, Bongoyo Island is an uninhabited island which will appeal to those looking for tranquillity, peace and notions to escape it all.

Bongoyo is indeed popular with travellers but you can be sure to find your own personal piece of space by either finding a secluded stretch of white sandy beach or booking banda accommodation – a wood-like structure with comfortable bedding located underneath.

Mwenge Craft Market

Travellers often like to bring a memorable souvenir or gift back from their holiday in terms of a reminder of their stay and you too can do this by visiting the Mwenge Craft Market, which specialises in authentic African arts and crafts.

Not only will you be able to take something tangible from your Tanzania adventure but by visiting Mwenge Craft Market you can get up close and personal with everyday life in Dar es Salaam and if you are a people person, interacting with locals or simply watching the world go by is something you can certainly do here.

Askari Monument

Located on a roundabout between Samora Avenue and Maktaba Street, lies the Askari Monument – a tribute to Askari soldiers who fought as part of the British Carrier Corps during World War I. If you fancy yourself as quite the photographer, make sure to capture this gem in all its glory on a typically sunny day.