Top 3 luxury experiences in Africa

If you’re visiting Africa, you’re probably gearing up for dusty plains, up-close-and-personal wildlife encounters and some of the most spectacular scenery you’ve ever seen. These features come as standard on this truly magnificent continent, but there are other opportunities out there to take your trip to the next level. If you’re celebrating a special occasion or you’re hoping to plan the trip of a lifetime with a personalised holiday, here are 3 luxury experiences in Africa.


Hot air balloon safari

Is there anything more romantic than gliding across the dawn skies with a bird’s eye view of the plains and savannah lands below? Most people embark upon walking safaris and game drives when they’re in African lands like Tanzania, South Africa and Kenya, but going up in a hot air balloon offers a completely different perspective and the opportunity to appreciate the scale of the parks and witness the beauty and splendour of the abundance of wildlife on offer. From the safety of your enclosed basket, you can watch the grasslands spring to life, as the animals wake from their slumber. For an extra special treat, you can arrange a Champagne breakfast when you touch down on terra firma. Just remember your binoculars and of course, a good camera.

Private game drive

Game drives are incredible at all times of year regardless of who you’re with, but a private tour is a real luxury. You can enjoy the best views, you have greater control over the itinerary and you get to quiz the guide about the local area, conservation programmes and the latest sightings.

Air safari

If you really want to push the boat out and take advantage of safari opportunities on your African adventure, an air safari is a fantastic idea. This is an exhilarating experience, which will afford you stunning vistas and the opportunity to swoop and dive through the air, all the while surrounded by incredible natural scenes. Your pilot will impart their knowledge and you’ll be able to see things you could never spot from the back of a 4X4. You’ll get an idea of the size of the park and the distribution of the animals and you can also appreciate the surrounding area. In one panoramic snapshot, you could see everything from arid desert and snow-topped summits to lush forests and rambling rivers.


If you’re hoping to plan a luxury holiday, Africa has so much to offer!