Three places to break your New Year’s resolution in Cape Town

Three places to break your New Year’s resolution in Cape TownWith the New Year now upon us and those January blues potentially taking their toll, many individuals who have just enjoyed a fulfilling festive break may be looking to book up their next holiday abroad.

For those who have never visited, Cape Town in South Africa is a fascinating location that just simply has to be on a bucket list of destinations to visit before you die.

From the ever-popular Victoria & Alfred Waterfront precinct to Table Mountain, from the colourful streets of Bo Kaap to Robben Island, there is a positively endless list of things to do for travellers on great value holidays to South Africa during their stay, but how can you inevitably break those New Year’s resolutions on your Cape Town adventure?

For less ardent souls, here are three places to give into temptation and break those resolutions in Cape Town!

Go on a diet – resolution broken at 95 Keerom, Keerom Street

Quite simply named after the address of the street that the restaurant resides on, 95 Keerom of 95 Keerom Street in central Cape Town specialises in fine Italian cuisine, originating in the Milan vicinity to be specific.

Indulge in a quite delicious sounding menu that includes steamed asparagus, parmesan cheese and rocket for a starter, a sliced grilled t-bone steak for a main, not to mention fine wines from enviable regions both in Italy and South Africa.

95 Keerom is an intriguing place to eat, given her brick exterior that has been maintained from the days where it used to house some of the slave quarters of Cape Town’s Company’s Garden.

Give up alcohol – resolution broken at Aces ‘n Spades, Hout Street

Many individuals enjoy a little tipple while abroad and Aces ‘n Spades of Hout Street in central Cape Town is perfect for enthusiasts of the cocktail.

Taking the form of a traditional American themed watering hole, Boo Radley’s as it was formerly known features hanging spotlights along the bar, chequered flooring and leather couches adding an authentic feel to the venue.

Daiquiris and cosmopolitans feature alongside a plethora of on-tap craft beers, chardonnays, sauvignon blancs and merlots.

Get fit – resolution broken at Camps Bay

Although most wouldn’t typically associate a holiday with an opportunity to get fit and go on a sunrise jog, for those looking to maintain their fitness, give into temptation and laze on the beach at Camps Bay.

Cape Town’s Clifton Beaches usually dominate the headlines but this palm fringed stretch of sand is idyllic to laze the day away with the Atlantic Ocean in one direction and steep proud peaks in the other.