Three apps to supplement your South African adventure in Johannesburg

Three apps to supplement your South African adventure in Johannesburg When travelling to South Africa it can feel like you are heading further away from a world without digital and apps which we have become so accustomed to in the Western world – however this is not the case anymore.

Making sure you have the appropriate apps on your mobile phone or tablet is just another way of preparing for your trip and if you can have some fun with them on the way then all the better.

Here are three apps which are certainly worth checking out:


Our number one recommendation is Johannesburg Travel Guide – an obvious choice considering it gives you some extra luggage space and weight as well as being a great sorce of information!

It is currently compatible with Apple products and Android, and the beauty of it is that the tour guide is built offline – which means no internet connection is required!

By using the augmented reality tool you can view your closest and furthest attraction. There are also itineraries for the city depending on the duration of your journey and tips and tricks for travelers in Johannesburg itself!


There is a lot of preparation to do ahead of a big trip abroad, so learning the language usually comes in at the bottom of the list – but don’t worry, there’s an app for this too.

Utalk Classic Learn Afrikaans knows how difficult it is to learn another language, so has created a fun app to help you along the way!

UTalk focuses on the basics, focusing on 275 words and phrases that you are most likely to use on your trip. Mainly the important things, such as talking in a chemist and ordering a drink


Finally if you want the full 3D experience at your fingertips then Tour4D Johannesburg is a necessity for your mobile.

The app gives you the opportunity to look at the landmarks in the city from different angles and also read any necessary tips you may need regarding the place before visiting.

It has an embedded compass and map installed within it which will guide you to your desired destination.

If you are on a strict time limit in Johannesburg, this is the app for you as it will let you know the most important and interesting places to visit.