Those on South Africa holidays could visit film locations

A new initiative has been launched that will allow individuals to see the famous film locations in Cape Town and the wider Western Cape area.

Individuals on South Africa holidays may be tempted to visit the sites as part of the Film Tourism project.

Launched by the Cape Film Commission (CFC), it offers travellers the chance to see the landscapes where Ridely Scott's latest picture Labyrinth was shot, as well as BBC series Outcasts, Free Willy 3 and many others.

As well as this, the CFC wants to put the destination forward as somewhere that could host a film festival.

It hopes both nationally and internationally people will realise what the location has to offer in terms of backdrops.

South Africa is also eager for Cape Town's Table Mountain to be named as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, with the voting process going on until November 11th.