Those on Kenya holidays ‘have to be financially prepared’

People need to be prepared if they are going to use their current account when abroad.

This means those on Kenya holidays – who could be going to see some of the country's national parks – will want to take precautionary measures to ensure they do not encounter any problems when paying for products.

Kevin Mountford, head of banking at, noted one step travellers should take is to make sure their cards will be accepted in their destination.

As well as this, people should carry key contact details with them at all times.

Barclays is forecasting total overseas debit card usage and cash withdrawals is going to total £1.47 billion during the summer holidays period, so the importance of not getting caught out cannot be underestimated.

Mr Mountford observed: "It's vital that you consider the small print and any potential charges before you set off, particularly if you plan to rely on your funds from your current account."