There are many opportunities on a Kenya safari

People who want to be at one with nature may like to take a trip to Africa at some point.

Kira Stann, writing for Helium, has noted that there are plenty of opportunities on a Kenya safari, which means “long journey” in Swahili.

The majority of these types of trips last seven to eight days, she pointed out, while it will provide people with a “unique experience of getting up close and personal with otherwise inaccessible wild creatures”.

But there are also diverse ecosystems that can be explored throughout, such as coral reefs, lakes, plains and meadows.

Ms Stann advised visiting the Massai Mara Game Reserve, which is located on the coast of Kenya, especially in August and September when the great migration occurs.

Earlier this month, a reporter from the Straits Times stated that it is possible to see “brilliantly coloured birds and ferocious-looking vultures”, among other creatures, on a safari in the country.