The Chogoria Route: Kenya’s most beautiful trek

A personalised Kenya holiday is not always about game drives and wildlife spotting. Many intrepid explorers choose to visit Kenya to tackle Africa’s second highest mountain, Mount Kenya. If you’re an experienced hiker, you want to test yourself and you’re keen to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the bustling plains below, taking on the Chogoria Route may seem like the stuff of dreams. Widely regarded as the most beautiful trek up Mount Kenya, the Chogoria Route will take you through dappled woodland, dense forest and rugged mountain tracks.

The Chogoria Route

The Chogoria Route is perhaps the best-known of the Mount Kenya treks. If you’re keen to reach the dizzy heights and you want to experience truly amazing scenery en route, this is the climb for you. Most organised tours suggest an itinerary of around 5 days to ascend and descend.

Most commonly, your trip will start in earnest when you reach Meru Bandas. Before you arrive at camp, you’ll have been treated to views of the thick woodland and forest as you climbed from the forest reserve to your overnight dwelling. At this point, you should be able to spot elephants, monkeys and buffalo.

When you wake in the morning, you’ll head off across the alpine expanses towards Lake Ellis, Mugi Hill and the iconic Giant Billiards Table rock formation. Along the way, you’ll see the vibrant heather and you may also be able to spot giant lobelia.

From Lake Ellis, you’ll make your way to Nithi North River, cross the water and emerge in the deep canyons of the Gorges Valley. You’ll skirt around the cliff edge and your bravery will be rewarded with spectacular views of the hanging rock formations of The Temple. At the base of The Temple lies Lake Michaelson.

On leaving The Temple, you’ll start the ascent to the summit, which begins gradually and then intensifies until you reach a steep incline at Point Lenana. This is a stunning spot from which to watch the sunrise over the plains. This section, which takes you to the peak, can be a challenge as it involves clambering around on your hands and knees and scrambling. But the hard work is worthwhile when you look out over the vast valleys, grasslands and dusty tracks below. When you’ve reached the top and taken as many snaps as possible, the descent begins and you can enjoy all those stunning sights and natural wonders all over again.