Technology proves its worth for holidaymakers

Flights to Cape Town, which take about 11 to 12 hours, make taking children on South Africa holidays not an entirely straightforward process.

The long time in the air means it is vital to keep youngsters occupied, and it seems technology is the way forward.

Travel journalist James Ellis believes children need to be entertained on long flights, as well as at the airport before departure.

"Take lots of games and things that they enjoy – the kind of things they like to do at home is great," he advised, adding that a bottle of water is a must for young ones.

But it is not just younger travellers who benefit from having electronic devices like tablet computers to hand while on holiday.

Over-50s are keener than ever to stay in touch while away and continue to tweet, send emails and surf the internet during their holidays.

Ceri Wheeldon, founder of FabafterFifty, notes that it is common practice for older people to take their smartphones and tablets with them abroad.

Wi-Fi facilities in hotels, she adds, are fast becoming a must for the over-50s as they spend more time online.