Tanzanian women mark World Tourism Day with heritage site campaign

Tanzania HolidaysTanzanian women tourism stakeholders celebrated the annual World Tourism Day in nearby Zanzibar by campaigning that the islands were above all other tourist destinations in the world.

Members of the Association of Women in Tourism Tanzania (AWOTTA) were joined by 100 other travel stakeholders on the archipelago, which is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean, and the message to promote greater sustainability on the islands was loud and clear.

Mary Kalikawe, leader of the women’s tourism association explained that despite World Tourism Day being usually celebrated in Tanzania by the shores of Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake, the campaign to enhance Zanzibar as one of Africa’s “top tourism destinations”, and a key stop-off for those on Tanzania holidays, was the primary objective.

World Tourism Day has prioritised ‘tourism and sustainable energy’ this year and the women’s group recognises that the concept of environmental quality underpins economic, social and cultural aspects on the island.

Renewable energy has been emphasised particularly and Kalikawe continued that AWOTTA would work with stakeholders to “identify tourist activities” that would directly contribute to greater activeness surrounding land issues and women’s tourist activities.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) report, women forge a staple part of the tourism sector, yet are still financially inferior to men in terms of income. With greater gender equality and awareness, as promoted via schemes such as this one in Tanzania, the overall quality of the tourist experience can be enhanced.

Kalikawe confirmed the commitment of AWOTTA explaining there would be support “in tourism businesses and other tourism engagements, economically, legally and socially.”