Tanzanian travel set for airline boost

Holidays to Tanzania will now more simple, accessible and affordable following the launch of Africa’s first low-cost carrier, FastJet.

The airline, which will be based in Dar es Salaam, is set to boost travel figures in East Africa with every expectation that within the first six months of service, passenger numbers will double from a current level of 62,500 aboard a brand new Airbus A319 fleet.

Tanzania is a land of stunning beauty, boasting luxury safaris and island resorts, and the country will be more readily accessible than ever before, with FastJet also planning a second base in neighbouring Kenya.

FastJet general manager, Kyle Haywood explained the airline would not only open up opportunities in response to a growing African market but also deliver “new levels of comfort to passengers across the continent”.

With an increasing number of cross-continental guests and more Tanzanians venturing across African borders than ever before, FastJet’s timing is perfect amidst this new found tourism boom.

Haywood further explained “The A319 aircraft has already been approved by the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) and we are looking forward to bringing a great, reliable and affordable service to the people of Tanzania.”

FastJet is associated with British low-cost operator and second largest budget airline in the world, easyJet and following the success of the Luton-based carrier since its foundation in 1995, parent company Rubicon sees no reason why a similar impact can’t be forged in Africa.

FastJet commercial officer, Richard Bodin said “Our main aim is to stimulate the market and allow more to travel by air rather than long distances with coaches.”