Tanzania to boast three new National Parks

Holidays to Tanzania may comprise a trip to the famed Serengeti National Park but there may be three more to visit in the future after plans were revealed to upgrade three game reserves of the Kagera region to National Park status.

Khamis Kagasheki, the Tanzanian Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism outlined the three Kagera-based reserves of Biharamulo, Burigi and Kimisi for an upgrade and these reserves cover more than 4,500 sq km of Tanzania, providing an outstanding space to witness the wildlife and natural beauty the country has to offer.

Kagasheki plans to upgrade the reserves in order to increase the number of foreign and local tourists in the vicinity whilst contributing to the greater Tanzanian economy as a whole.

The Kagera region is located in the far north west of Tanzania and takes its name from the river which flows from neighbouring Rwanda through this area of the country. There are a vast number of tourist attractions on offer in Kagera and the area is home to various types of monkey, baboon and rare species of birds and butterflies but the area has suffered through lack of promotion, exposure and investment.

This could all be set to change with the upgraded National Park status and growing investment with Kagera Regional Commissioner, Fabian Massawe also planning to improve accommodation facilities.

The official has invited local and foreign investors to Kagera in the hopes of setting up the construction of five star hotels and several industries in order to bring about a tourism boom in the area.

One industry that could be exploited is that of honey production. One kilo can fetch up 10,000 Tanzanian shillings providing a lucrative resource.