Tanzania is a ‘beautiful destination for safari holidays’

Tanzania could be the ideal destination for a wildlife excursion, one publication has noted.

A piece by Boosh News recommended that the African country offers the best safari holidays in the continent and there are different types that cater for every tourist.

It pointed out there is an array of destinations that may be worth visiting within the nation, such as the Serengeti National park, Ngorongoro crater and Mount Kilimanjaro.

"What actually beautifies this country is the fantastic landscape that nature has designed so well along with the adventurous collection of the wild animals," the article stated.

And it continued by saying that the experience will be a memorable one, while there is even more to do than view the creatures above sea level with plenty of marine life down there waiting to be seen.

This comes after Wale Olapade, writing a piece for the Nigerian Tribune, observed that the country is the finest place in Africa for a safari.