Tanzania could be the perfect destination for safari holidays

People thinking of going on a holiday with a difference may not have considered Tanzania.

But one writer calls the country the finest place in Africa for safari holidays.

Wale Olapade, writing a piece for the Nigerian Tribune, noted that the nation has had one-quarter of its surface space set aside for conservation purposes and also possesses the world-renowned Serengeti National Park.

In addition, he stated that Selous Game Reserve has a “rich mosaic of protected areas” that houses an estimated 20 per cent of the large mammal population on the continent.

After people have completed their safari then a trip to one of Tanzania’s most famous landmarks Mount Kilimanjaro could also be something which interests visitors as it is the highest peak in Africa.

The writer added that Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountains National Park might also be worth taking in.

Moreover, another African country that might be worth going to is Namibia, which has some “dramatic scenery”, according Gill Charlton, writing for the Telegraph.