Take time out from safari holidays ‘to support the locals’

Those going on safari this year might also like to take time out when they get a chance to explore the local community.

This is what Kay Burley, writing for the Daily Mail, did when she visited South Africa.

As well as seeing some of the so-called Big Five in the shape of a leopard defending its cubs against a lion, she visited the neighbouring village next to her Ulusaba resort where people can provide "much needed financial support for the locals".

Ms Burley pointed out that World Cup fever was still gripping South Africa – after it hosted the football showpiece earlier this year – when she visited and the tournament certainly helped the safari holidays industry, adding that the spotlight is still very much on the country.

Earlier this month, Wendy Gomersal, writing for the publication, stated that the 130,000-acre Sanbona region in South Africa is one of the most beautiful reserves in the world.