Soweto Wine Festival to draw those on South Africa holidays?

The annual Soweto Wine Festival could be the perfect setting for people looking to relax.

Taking place over three days from September 1st, there are expected to be over 8,000 visitors – some of whom will be on South Africa holidays – sampling some of the produce.

It will be held at the University of Johannesburg Soweto Campus and it forms part of the Arts Alive International Festival.

Mnikelo Mangciphu, a co-founder of the Soweto Wine Festival, noted the event's organisers are "upping [their] game" in order to make sure everyone who attends has a good time.

"The festival now caters to a large and broad market of intelligent and educated black wine drinkers who have been drinking wine … for over six years," he added.

There will be over 950 wines at the seventh hosting of the festival, while tasting classes are also available and the food court has been revamped.