South Africa’s cuisine may become ‘more exotic’

Travellers heading to South Africa can look forward to sampling more Chinese, Indian and South American cuisine thanks to a new initiative from the South African Chefs Association (SACA).

SACA has joined forces with SA Tourism to produce a new cookbook entitled Guide to Vegetarian, Vegan and Jain Dining in South Africa, which has been published in response to the increasing numbers of Indian, Chinese and Brazilian tourists visiting the country.

The book showcases 50 nourishing and appetising recipes prepared by South Africa’s leading chefs, with each using fresh ingredients that can be sourced locally.

Thulani Nzima, chief executive officer of South African Tourism, said that while most people on South Africa holidays travel from Europe and North America, increasing numbers are coming from emerging markets.

“The increase in visitors from emerging markets has given us a good dilemma – how can we better cater for the travel needs of our visitors from these new markets?” he commented.

“How can we literally make them feel ‘at home’ in our country, ensure they are welcomed as family and ensure that their every need – including their specific dietary requirements – is catered for while they are here.”

While most people on holidays to South Africa enjoy sampling the country’s traditional ‘rainbow cuisine’, now more visitors will be able to sample Indian, Chinese and South American flavours, but with a South African twist.

Phuket News reported earlier this month that Cape Town’s cuisine has a “thriving and eclectic mix” of signature recipes, with Afrikaans specialities often blended with Portuguese, Indian and Mozambican influences.