South African safaris offer ‘heart-stopping adventures’

People can experience "heart-stopping adventures" when they go on a South Africa safari.

This is according to Ralph Collier, a member of the Society of American Travel Writers, who recommended taking a walking safari in Kruger National Park. Here, holidaymakers can catch sight of all of the Big Five game.

The nature reserve is "teeming with wildlife", he said, as visitors come within touching distance of herds of elephants and lion prides.

In the evening, a sunset cruise on the Zambesi River takes in views of crocodiles and hippos.

Moreover, being based in South Africa means that a trip to Cape Town is also a must, particularly as Table Mountain is now a New7Wonder of nature.

Mr Collier urged visitors to head to the peninsula and explore the quaint fishing villages, where there are colonies of seals and Arctic penguins.

Wine lovers, meanwhile, can head Stellenbosch and soak up the country's wine culture.