South African National Parks have contemporary traveller in mind

South African National Parks have contemporary traveller in mindHolidays to South Africa provide a colourful array of inspiring attractions, cultures and landmarks but the Rainbow Nation isn’t resting on her laurels after South African National Parks (SANParks) revealed a blueprint for future growth in response to the changing requirements of the contemporary traveller.

Entitled the 2022 Responsible Tourism Strategy (2022 RTS), the 10 year plan will look to address modern travel trends, what the present day traveller looks for on holiday and especially conservation based activities with the contemporary traveller far more conscious about environmental protection and themes of sustainability.

Managing Executive at SANParks, Glenn Phillips explained “It is this new wave of change that necessitated a new thinking on how tourism in National Parks will be run, measured and developed in the next 10 years.”

Of course, South Africa boasts the almost two million hectare large Kruger National Park and according to SANParks’ official website, Kruger offers travellers a fulfilling experience comprising 336 tree types, 49 species of fish as well as 507 and 147 variations of birds and mammals respectively.

The 2022 RTS will supplement the beneficial work as completed by the organisation in 2011 that made great strides in defining aims, principles and values that underpin conservation and the monitoring of tourism in South Africa’s National Parks.

A major facet of the new 10 year plan will centre on a theme of encouragement for those individuals living in close proximity to the parks who will be persuaded to actively partake in protection measures.

Phillips described that the modern-day traveller will ‘want to do more’ than simply view wildlife from a vehicle, instead choosing to hike, bike, swim or canoe as part of a more hands-on experience.